Ear Problems!

Sandra Kisby sent me an e-mail regarding Bertie's ears and as I know some of you have had problems in this area, I'm sure you could help :

1. August 15th first visit vet as ears very red and Bertie head shaking all the time. 2. Steroids 2 a day for 1 week, 1 every 3 days for 1 week, 1 a week for 3 weeks. All cleared up. 3. HOWEVER after 10 days condition returned as not on steroids but came and went and when took back to vet no sign so nothing given. Ears much worse at night and generally the right ear very red. 4. Took back to vet for vaccinations and fortunately (from my perspective) ears very red so she could see, PLUS red spot between paws and few on tummy. Allergy suspected and testing suggested. 5. As I was going to Norfolk for 2 weeks thought would see if subsided when only walking on beach rather than grassy areas- made no difference. 6. Bought Colliodal Silver ear Spray as suggested by homeopathy animal specialist-made no difference. 7. Returned to my vet, she is as reluctant as I am to put on steroids long term because of side effects. There is a new capsule called APOQUEL which has no side effects and has worked very well for allergies so Bertie has been on that for the last 6 days so far it has made no difference which does not bode well. 7. His blood has gone away for allergy testing and I am about to get result. 8. There is no inflammation deep in the ear canal only near the top (before it goes round the bend) no grass seed, no ear mites. I have tried Helios Balm from Homeopath and his ears are clean albeit hairy as the groomer can only clear the hair away superficially- I did ask her. 9. I am about to try Aloe Vera gel as Vet says can't do any harm but am wary of the steroid spray which has been offered. Poor Bertie has made his right ear bleed with scratching but so far no infection caused, as would certainly add to problem. I bath them to remove any dried blood. In himself he is full of beans and rushes around Park but on diet as steroids caused weight gain. He is on the best diet possible Honey's raw food which is organic meat (passed for human consumption) with vegetables and bone- he eats better than we do! ANY ADVICE GRATEFULLY RECEIVED. Sandra xx

Just before the party I received another e-mail from Sandra:

I can't quite believe this but I have been wiping Bertie's ears with the hypoallergenic baby wipes and then applying a thin layer of Sudocrem and since I started this regime (on Saturday) there has been no sign of any inflammation!!! I know it is early days and tomorrow we may be back to square 1 but fingers crossed. He spent an hour and a half in Greenwich Park this morning rushing around on the grass (allergic), chasing squirrels up trees (allergic) and in and out of the bushes (allergic) generally making himself VERY happy and upon return his ears were fine. This hasn't happened since August. I am going to get the Calming and Desensitising Gel from work and put a thin layer of that on at night - it can't do any harm. The next step at the vet's would be more blood tests and then I would be injecting him daily with "grass etc" to build up his tolerance-so Sudocrem if it continues to work seems like a miracle cure. Sandra xx