War Dogs/Help for members

Whilst standing for the two minutes silence yesterday I hope people remembered the courage, also, of our four legged friends. I found this photo many years ago and gave it to Terry Spencer who then printed it out in The Welsh Terrier Club's Yearbook. I saw it had resurfaced on Facebook so took this opportunity of reintroducing it.

Kaye Attoe sent this photo in, look carefully...........

Pleas for trimming help from members:

Hi Patricia

I was hoping you may be able to help me. The lady who normally hand strips our Welsh terrier , Olly, is now to busy to do him. We are looking for someone to hand strip him on a regular basis. We know you do trimming classes but due to my allergy I would like someone else to do the hand stripping. We live in Brentwood essex but can travel. Do you know any one or Can you help ?

Many thanks Andy Morris & Olly

Alex Witmond wrote that if Andy was willing to travel, there's Andrew Hunt at Tunbridge Wells.

Rachel Pearce wrote: This is a wire breeder/exhibitor give her a try xx Hilary Anderson - Proveits Affix - based Mundon, Essex CM9 6PL Tel 01621 853578 hope its helpful :)) Rachel

Regan Burns wrote:

It has been a while hope this finds you and Captain and Daisy all well.

We are disappointed to be missing the Xmas bash as about to have our first baby any day now..!!

(Editors note: OMG Good luck, hope all goes well! Congratulations!)

Wanted to get in touch re: request. We have the most amazing groomer based in Chiswick her name is Julie


She has been hand stripping/ showing Rupert James for us and we couldn't be more delighted. She said to pass her details across 0208 9954040.

She has also been converted to the joys of Welshies (clearly we like to think it was Rupert's charm that converted her hahaha) Next week will be a mama to a Welsh with the arrival of her handsome boy Clark coming from the US. I have told her about the club and she would like to join. Let me know the best way to get her in touch with you.

*As always the best way to join is to go on the Website, click on the How To Join Page and just follow the instructions. We can be contacted by clicking on the Contact Page where you can see the Weltos Committee and all you need to do is click on the underlined name and an e-mail will pop up for you to send.

Reply from Andy

Hi Patricia

Thank you so much for putting the word out. Thanks to all members who have replied. We have been in contact with the lady recommend by Rachael who is Hilary Anderson. Olly is booked in with her for next week. Thanks for your help



Our pleasure, we do what we can to help all members.

Members Margaret & Peter Axhorne sent me this:


Katie and Rufus have stirred up some interest in Welsh terriers around here. We have had an enquiry about possible rescued Welshies. What do we do in this situation please?

Also do we still have any W/T collars and if so how much are they. Or who do we contact.

Regards, Peter & Margaret.

My Reply:

Although we have all helped individually with rescue, at one time or another, Christine Couzens is the person to contact. christinecouzens@gmail.com

Years ago I ordered some Welsh Terrier collars and leads but no longer do this. You once again could try Christine Couzens who has several Welsh Terrier items for sale. Weltos mainly puts its energy into our Events and helping one another with problems. If we do know of anything worth buying we simply pass the word around. Now most people have computers, it is so easy to google most things by yourself.

However, I do have some wall calendars left over and desk calendars left for 2016, so if you would like one please get in touch with me patsy.meecham@hotmail.co.uk