Amazing Photo

One of our ex members still keeps in touch on Facebook. Verity is always taking superb shots of Bear but I wanted to share this one with all of you as I think it captures the Welsh Terrier's spirit of Autumn.

I heard from Jan Chamberlain who writes:

We've just had a lovely walk in Greenwich Park and met a lovely little Welsh puppy.Her name is Babs and she's 8 months old. She was with her dog walker but I believe her owner may have joined Weltos.The dog walker has met Jenny & Ian Carr in the park.We also met 2 Airedales, so we had a job lot today.

There are other mad people out there.


Jan Chamberlain

The difference between the ladies and gentlemen in our breed.

We always give our dogs the left over yoghurt in the pots. Daisy on the left, neatly licks her pot clean, whilst the Captain feels the need to rip them apart!

Apologies for their scruffy look. They'd just got in from a very wet walk.