News from longstanding members!

Katie Berg who can no longer make our Events but brother Archie and Katie are still with us through the ether!

Judith Berg ordered her annual calendar, as always, and writes:

We are still a family of four. Katie has not grown old gracefully (she's now 15 1/2)! She does have some muscular problems with her shoulders and lower back but as long as she has regular walks and we keep up with the anti-inflammatories she manages pretty well. I used to massage her but she doesn't want to know any more. Similarly, our well trained girl has decided that she'll ignore us and do what she wants (like old people). Fortunately she still responds to the toilet command! Our walks are now short. We have to drive to the meadows in the village and sometimes I end up carrying her up the steep hill to the recreation ground. Once there, she usually has a good sniff and scamper around. If she is feeling really good, she will still do a runner! At home she potters in the garden and sleeps most of the time. Her hearing and eyesight are not so good and she definitely has her senior moments (just like her mistress) but she enjoys life and is still interested. Archie (our youngster at 13 1/2) is just the same lovable, affable, laidback Archie, though he is slowing down a bit and can't walk as far as he used to. Here are a couple of recent photos of Katie in her favourite places. BFN and thank you. Judith

It's always lovely to hear from our members, especially those who have been with us for so long. This was Katie in her youth. What a gorgeous dog! Who could resist that lovely face? Big thanks for your news and staying with Weltos all these years, Judith & Alan, WT's Katie & Archie.