Discover Dogs 2015

Boo and Lola Jenyon on the Table in front of our booth at DD. Check out lots of wonderful photos on the website page: Discover Dogs 2015

Oh wow what a weekend! Well done all Weltos members and their dogs who took part. A special mention must go to Jan Chamberlain who always so selflessy helps out and Jenny Carr who turned up to see us and ended up helping out as well!

A big shout out to Chris and Debbie with Ruby....hope Ruby is ok. I know how much you were looking forward to coming, but if Ruby is poorly, then she is the one that matters! We all hope she is better soon.

The new venue, Excel Centre, took a bit of getting used to. So very different from Earl's Court. No food stands in the same hall so a bit of a trek if you wanted to eat. Although there was one stand in the middle of the dog hall which served beverages and sandwiches.

The signage/directions to the car parks at the Excel were very poor, so I am very proud of the fact that I drove there and back, on Sunday, without any major worries! Even David took a wrong turning on the Saturday, along with lots of other people as the Excel East signs directed you to absolutely nowhere!

I couldn't have put the stand decor together without the help of Nathan Gee, who took it all in his stride and had it all looking very good in no time at all.

Our stand was very popular so I hope we've all done our job to promote this very special breed.

Lastly, big thanks to my friend Toni, who not only is a godsend with help for the website, but also accompanied me on Sunday and helped cart all the stand stuff back to my car!

See you all at the Christmas Party!!!!!

Thanks from Lola, Boo and myself for the lovely afternoon at Discover Dogs, we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. It was lovely to share the stand with Sophie, Aoife and staff and have a cuddle with Teddy and Maisie before they headed home, hope Tony and Kaye got home quickly. It's always so uplifting to have so much interest in our gorgeous dogs and the Welsh Terrier breed. We're all relaxing on the couch now, me with a glass of wine!

Thanks again for all your hard work with the stand


The photos look fab on Facebook from D/D hope it all went well. Alex Witmond

Thanks so much for letting Woody be part of the Weltos stand, we weren’t too sure how he was going to behave but he was so relaxed about it all and loved meeting Jack and Daisy too as much as we did. We met so many lovely people and it was great to see their reaction to the breed. New collar and lead set as a pressie for Woody and a ride on the cable car over the Thames afterwards… great fun thank you.

​Nicola Gee

Another very enjoyable day at discover dogs. Not sure about the Excel centre,very poor signage, none at all on the way into the building. I followed the sound of barking to find my way in, nobody checked my pass.

I loved describing Jack to a blind lady and turning him to face her so she could feel his beard and moustache. Having lost a lot of my sight in one eye in the past 18months I really felt for her. The things we take for granted. Another lady in a wheelchair, bringing Jack to her level so she could stroke him.

Jack behaved really well, he must have been cream crackered. He didn't bat an eye when being described as feeling like a "Brillo pad".Rude or what??

See you soon

Jan Chamberlain