Happier News!

Lola at 8 weeks old. I just heard recently from Lola's breeder that Molly, Lola's mum had been bred with Champion Sonnora Danny Dazzler and is due to Whelp in September, she said I could pass details on so if these people could wait until November and rearrange their holiday they should be able to reserve a dog. This is a different sire than Lola's and I have put a folder on Facebook with pictures of Lola, Molly and Bowser, Lola's half brother who I think was from Danny Dazzler too. Bowser doesn't have any of the itchy skin issues that Lola and Ruby have (different sire) Run it by the people and you can give them my contact details if they are interested. They will have to be willing to travel as Jacqui lives in Pennistone, Yorkshire (near Barnsley) in a beautiful barn conversion in a stunning setting, I know Bowsers owners and myself laughed saying we felt guilty removing them from such a beautiful home ! Xx Elizabeth

Ah that's good news, I hope all goes well. I do know of other breeders who may have puppies due soon, but I will wait for the people I spoke to, to contact me. All we can do is help to point prospective puppy owners in the right direction, whilst always being there for them. Because that's what Weltos is all about.

I have some more good news that one of our ex members contacted me as someone had got in touch with her on Instagram, saying that they needed to rehome one of their Welsh Terriers due to fighting. The owner tried all sorts but the fighting continued. I gave out Christine Couzen's contact address and today, Clover is going to her new home. Job done!!!!

Another hint of caution, my contact told me about a friend who followed her heart and not her common sense when buying a Westie puppy from dubious surroundings....it died four days later. Sorry to add this but we have to get it through to people, not to buy from these despicable people!