4 Operations!!!

This is her 4th operation since the end of March! I'm happy with it to go on the blog. Poor Millie has had to have another operation to remove 3 original claws on her back foot (an auto immune problem, body rejecting her claws). She has now had all her claws removed, although they are now growing back. The vet has now taken her off the steroids and put her on a wonder vitamin called NutraMega from Nutravet, which is also supposed to be very good for itchy skin. It's not a prescription drug, but can only be bought at vets. So we'll see how she gets on with it. I would be interested to know if anyone else has tried it.

Best wishes Eileen Pearce x

Dogs out of control!

Police have released the attached picture of an owner who failed to keep her dog under control on the beach and as a result a 4 year old got bitten several times and hospitalised. It really does none of us any favours when an owner fails to either keep their dog under control, or take responsibility when it misbehaves in such an awful way. More details at:


Phil Kingsbury

From Drugs to Pups!!!!!!!

Anyone contacting Weltos will always be told the golden rules when it comes to buying a Welsh Terrier puppy. It quite clearly states in our hand out leaflets, that if you are in any way dissatisfied with what you see, have the courage to walk away! But hopefully we would have already steered you in the right direction.

Having seen Dog Rescuers, which was recently aired on TV, I can't be the only one to be distraught to see the horrific conditions in which some of these poor dogs are kept. The reason for this...MONEY!

I've recently read that Drug Dealers are now turning to the Puppy Trade to make thousands of pounds by smuggling in the puppies into Scottish Ports from Irish Puppy Farms!

Not only are the dogs suffering, but potential owners are being duped. Also the risk of disease being brought into our country is a real worry!

Please everyone be vigilant and if you see anything that strikes you as not being right, report it to the RSPCA and the Kennel Club.