Soggy Doggies!

Weather! This morning I had to delve down the doggy cupboard in order to find the rain coats. Not Captain and Daisy's favourite attire. David said that Daisy dragged all the way on her walk! I chose Equafleece for our dogs protection. They are the same material as they use on horses. Nice and flexible to wear and also water proof. Daisy has one in dark green, just like a race horse blanket and Jack's one is black so you cant really tell he's wearing one.

A few of our intrepid members managed to meet up in Hythe for the ramble, yesterday.

Jan C hamberlain, very kindly stepped in to organise the day. I will be including their e-mails about the day in the next news letter. Thank you to those who showed up, so sorry I couldn't be with you.

I would like to take this chance of thanking all of you for your kind and caring e-mails, re: my head shingles. I can't say I would recommend it to anybody. In fact this morning I looked in the mirror and on seeing the puffiness under my left eye, I was reminded of Margaret Rutherford!!!! Anyone who is too young to rememember this actress, just google her and you'll know what I'm talking about!

So now I need to organise the newsletter. If you have anything you wish to include, please send it to me. Only club members will be able to read these articles on the website, using your password.