Leads & Collars

Having treated Captain and Daisy to new leads, I decided to gather all the older ones and put them in the washing machine to freshen them up. Mr M was a bit aghast at how many there were...well, we do have two dogs I replied, in my defence! One set came with Daisy and the two red ones far right, came from America, years ago and belonged to our previous two dogs.

I love the hand made Ditsy Pets dog leads and collars with their vibrant colours and nice patterns, but they are not made to last and soon start to fray. The pink gingham lead with matching daisy, was bought for Daisy for my son's pre wedding party, whilst the Captain sported a blue and white polka dot collar with matching bow tie! David refused to take Daisy out in her pink gear and the bow tie was soon relegated to a drawer. But they looked darn cute for a day!

I know I'm not the only one who loves a nice collar and lead. Do you have your favourites and where did you buy them? Send me pics and I'll pop them on here. Daisy & Jack will be wearing their new gear for the ramble on Sunday 23rd August. We will be meeting at 10am...this is to make sure we get free parking in the road.....in front of the Hythe Imperial Hotel, Princes Parade, CT21 6AE .

Let me know if you are coming, so we don't take off without you!

ELizabeth writes:

'Quido' do really nice collars lots of styles and colours, some are great fun and have comic strip influences if your want your dog to be a superhero! Lots of pretty and colourful ones to suit every taste. They are strong, durable and very well made, the lady who makes them walks her French Bulldogs in Greenwich park. I contacted her to make the sizes a little different than the standard ones as I wanted the wider collars that are for bigger necks so needed them to be made shorter, she didn't charge me any more and the delivery was very quick. I too have a couple of Ditzy pet collars which are pretty but are quite homemade looking which is nice but you're right they are not durable.


Jane Price writes:

Loved the two odd socks to the right of the leads!!!!

I had and still have an enormous wardrobe of collars and leads ! However, the selection and choice in garden centres and pet shops is really limited?! Personally, I prefer the collars with the plastic click-un rather than doing up a buckle?! The nylon type with the click-in are fairly robust whatever make you get but more importantly, they seem comfortable for the dog as they are light and not bulky to wear.

I would be interested to hear views on leads? I always used a normal lead for Dilys as opposed to a harness.