Boo's accident alert!

Horrendously, Boo is now at the vet, recovering from an emergency operation.

This is a picture of the toy that caused the most damage. Elizabeth didn't give Boo free access to it. It was in her dog walking bag, which was on the table, having been purchased for Lola, who loves to play retrieve. Boo, stole it from the table. The long handle bit broke off into large cylindrical bits and he ate them!

Boo went from vomiting to lethargic and very poorly looking. Elizabeth thinks if she had waited any longer before taking him to the vet, she could have lost him. This toy was purchased from Pets At Home and was advertised as being indestructible!

48 hours later, Boo is not out of the woods yet. Elizabeth has been to see him today but as he's still on morphine, he didn't recognize her and she in turn didn't recognize him. She said he looked so sad and stooped.

I'm sure all Weltos members would love to send their best wishes for Boo's complete recovery. Send them to me by e-mail and I will pop them on here for Elizabeth to read. We know she needs a lot of support at this time.

Elizabeth, thinking of you at this traumatic time, poor Boo, I hope he makes a speedy recovery, I am sure he will soon be back to a naughty Welsh Terrier. Do let us know how he gets on. Sue

Elizabeth, we are thinking of you and of course Boo.What a horrible thing to happen. I do hope you get in touch with Pets at Home and the makers of the indestructible toy,which clearly isn't. Why they make such claims is beyond me. Welsh terriers are not big dogs with a big bite, if Meg had eaten it I could understand it. ( Meg is an Airedale)

Get well soon Boo. Big Kiss from Meg and Willow

Jan Chamberlain

How horrible what a nasty thing to happen. We hope Boo makes a swift

recovery and Elizabeth has him home soon.

We also had an indestructible toy from the same shop. Eddie made short work of it. The only toy he can't destroy is a Chukit rubber ball.

All good wishes

Jenny & Ian Carr

Here is the latest from Elizabeth after a very fraught couple of days:

THANK HEAVEN THANK HEAVEN THANK HEAVEN!!!!!! They called this morning and said he ate in the night and is brighter I could pick him up between 11.30 and 12.00😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 xxxxxx He's home now very sorry looking but my baby boy is back, thanks for your prayers and healing vibes they worked!!! Xx

Phew thank goodness. We all felt for you Elizabeth and are so happy Boo is back home with his mum and sister. Take things easy and soon it will all be a distant memory. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Update on Boo Sunday 16th August 2015

Boo slept right through the night (I didn't as he climbed on the couch with me and I had no room!!) and has stopped the scary panting he was doing. He is still sleeping all the time but is eating and drinking. It is day 5 and the vet said if he made it to day 5, without collapsing or getting a temperature, he was proabably going to be o.k. So I am alot less anxious today, I know he still has a long way to go but things are looking up for him:) Elizabeth


See below Boo recovering whilst Lola catches up on her beauty sleep!