Shopping, Harnesses and other facts about Welsh Terriers

I took the Captain and Daisy on a little shopping spree at our local Garden Centre, for some new dog leads, collars and harnesses. Daisy got a bit of a shock though when she came face to face with this lot!!!

I managed to find two car harnesses in their size, fitted them on and drove off! I wish I had done this years ago. So easy! They always travel in their crates in the big car, which meant I couldn't take them out in mine whenever the big car wasn't available. No longer a problem. Both dogs took to them immediately and didn't move an inch....although the Captain did spread himself out along the seat!

And now a message for David and all those of you who suddenly get a whiff of their Welsh Terrier and think "Crikey O'Riley, you don't half pen and ink!" Sorry about that, my cockney origins coming out!

Sue's response to this:

Pat, dogs sweat through their paws, and I can honestly say none of my Welsh terriers have ever smelt, and I only bathed them once a year, unless they rolled in something rotten. I hadn't bathed Margaret for two years, and I bathed her last week, not because she smelt, but she was nibbling her feet. I usually can smell doggy smells, Scoobie sometimes has a bit of a smell not doggy, but a different smell. But have never smelt it on my Welsh terriers. Don't know where the information came from, but find it hard to believe, as most dogs that are trimmed out or clipped don't usually smell.

I will send a picture of a stone dog I bought from Whellens on the Isle of Sheppey, and painted it, If anyone is interested in getting one they are only about £12.00 . Sue

Sue, check out

You'll find that amongst all the information about Welsh terriers it states,

Interesting fact: The Welsh terrier is one of the few dog breeds that perspire through sweat glands. As a result, your Welsh terrier can take on a noticeable odour if not bathed and brushed regularly.

David has a very sensitive nose!!! I just think Jack sometimes smells a bit doggy. It could be it's because he's entire ot eaten something off the compost heap!!

To find any information about anything at all, all you need to do is google the internet and do a bit of research. However as we know, we can't put all of our dogs in the same basket. Whilst many of the characteristics are the same, they all have their own little quirks.

Sue is not the only one who isn't sure about the above statement so I did some more research and found out that dogs not only sweat through their paws, but also their ears and nose and ofcourse by panting, which cools them down. However the word "Doritos" popped up a few times. Some people said their dog sometimes smelled of Doritos. Hmm I quite like Doritos! Apart from when our dogs get wet, do any of your dogs get a bit whiffy sometimes?

Lynn French writes:

Sophie does have a bit of a whiff about her – much more than my previous WT Bonnie. It seems to come from her ears mainly. Not really a problem as I don’t dislike a bit of doggy smell – am I peculiar? Sophie caught and killed a pigeon yesterday whilst out with Pete. He was really cross with her but I suppose she’s only doing what comes naturally – she is a bit of a hunter. Felt sorry for the pigeon though.