What's the best Insurance cover for Teddy?

David & I used to insure our dogs. A while back, we decided to put money aside for any set backs as some insurance companies seem to be rip offs.


I can recommend Pet Plan insurance for our lovely new member Teddy Attoe, Kaye and Tony as well of course.

Eddie having had such a lot of treatment, 6 thousand pounds so far this year and Pet Plan paying the vet direct has taken a lot of stress off us. They are very good on the phone as well. We have the second highest amout 7 thousand a year. We thought it a bit expensive at first but as it is a life policy Eddie is insured for his disease for life. We hope Kaye Tony and Maisie enjoy their new family member. Look forward to seeing him.

Jenny and Ian (Carr)

I love seeing all the news on the blog and Teddy looks very sweet -bless!

Re: pet insurance. Martin used to work for the company that owns Pet Plan. It is by far the most profitable bit of their business. I think they only give out about 30% of the income they get so they make huge profits each year.

We decided not to insure Tilly but ever since we have had Tilly we have put money away in a "Tilly Acct". We put £50 a month away which is probably cheaper or not dissimilar to how much an insurance plan would cost (although I am a bit of out date with how much they charge). We have been very lucky with Tilly - she has had some minor ops and has apoquel daily now for her itchiness. She is 10 years old, so as she gets older we may need to use some of the funds, but we have a healthy bank balance to do that with. Won't work for everyone but has worked for us.

Best wishes

Kay (Pennycott)

After a previous Weltos discussion about this some years ago, we decided to go with 'accident only' insurance, as cover at that time for Hester had jumped from £18/month to £32 which we couldn't afford.

That way if Hester (then) or Mouse (now) ran across the road and was involved in a collision, not only is she covered for her injuries but very importantly we're covered for public liability if we cause the accident.

We used to go with a company called VIP but they ceased the cover so we are now with Tesco, and it's about £6/month.

Lucy, Mark & Mouse (Ward-Reid-Moore)xxx

The idea of putting money into an account is a good one. I would add in an Accident and 3rd Party cover ( Tesco does one for about £5.00 a month) should your Welsh Terrier have or cause an accident or hurt someone.. and with the best will in the world , accidents do happen!

Chris (Amos)

We have had Pet Plan (covered for life) policy for Bertie since we had him at about 8 weeks. They have always been very easy, helpful and efficient to deal with. Incidentally, Bertie has had Apoquel tablets for itchiness as well and they work really well.

Best wishes.

Sue (Foreman)

We insured Lucy,( our previous WT) but when she reached 8 years old the insurance trebled in price and was more expensive than my car insurance. So I didn't insure her after that. When she reached 14 years old, we paid out about £1,000.00 having never been to the vet, other than for boosters. I feel it would have cost more in pet insurance. I have Margaret insured for third Party, and Accident injury which works out at about £72.00 per year. I know many people who put money in a bank account to cover vet costs which is a good idea , because if you don't claim , the money is still yours. Sue (Webster)

I have Willow insured with Purely Pets. I found they paid quite quickly when I claimed for Meg a couple of years ago. Before that, the dogs were with Sainsburys, until they wanted over a £1000 to insure Meg when she turned 10 years old.

This year I've not insured Meg. If there is something seriously wrong,we wouldn't put her through a lot of treatment. It may be worth checking the company VIP to see what they offer. They are recommended through Dogs Today Magazine.

Cracking day for dog walking. Going to Trosley country park later on.

Jan (Chamberlain)

Our postman arrived this afternoon, just before I looked at the blog! What a surprise!!!!!!

We were flabbergasted , but a huge thank you, I will wear the brooch on my winter

Coat, I love it thank you from us & Maisie. (Editor's note: Prize for best Pirate!)

Thank you for all your advice re: insurance. I would be tempted to put money away, however, because of everything that happened last year with Maisie, our bill for the year was over £6,500, which has frightened us & I think perhaps we will insure for a couple of years. Then if all seems ok , may then swop to putting funds into a separate account.

We have had a couple of scary run ins between Maisie & Teddy, and she is fantastic

with him most of the time, but I think it just takes time, not helped by Teddy, who

should have been called alligator, as he thinks it's fine to keep snapping his jaws

together which are like needles, with Maisie or us caught in his mouth! He certainly

is a little terrier !

Best wishes to all, & a huge well done to Margaret,(Webster) who always looks like she has stepped off of a calendar, Sue should be very pleased. Tony Kaye (Attoe), Maisie & Teddy.

While we're on the subject of calendars....please send your photos into me so I can start preparing next year's calendar. Cute shots, action shots, seaside shots, you name it, there's room for it on next year's calendar. Those of you who have already done this, thank you!!!!