Another successful Weltos Day!

On Sunday, our intrepid Weltos members seen above, , made their way through the rain to the club hall, for a trimming session. Many thanks to Jan who gave up her Sunday to make the tea and coffee, help look after dogs and numerous other things during the day.

It was Woody's first time, but as Nicola had him booked for a grooming appointment for Tuesday, we didn't take off as much fur as we could have. We'll have to invest in some left handed grooming equipment...we've never had to cater for a left hander before.

Most people are getting the hang of it now, so are bringing their dog's to learn the finer points! We are so proud of you all!

Having looked in the fridge I came across two bottles of wine, which Chris Amos won at the Summer Picnic and forgot to take home! How lovely of the people to take care of them for us.

I've since heard from a couple of the groomers:

From handsome and hairy to handsome and sleek! Thanks to Patricia and Sue for their help and considerable skills and Jan for cups of tea, for humans and cuddles for Lola. Lovely to see Kaye, Tony and Maisie again too, can't wait to see piccys of baby Teddy and hopefully get to meet him in the near future too xx

PS Lola the hairy little fairy will get the treatment tomorrow!


Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you to yourself & Sue, for your

expert guidance today, which is always gratefully received. All the doggies left looking much smarter than when they arrived! Also a huge thank you to Jan who keeps everyone well looked after with tea & coffee.

We're happy to bring Maize & pup to The Essex Dog Day & also to Discover

Dogs on the sat or Sunday if you would like us too.

Thanks again for a super training day!

Kaye Tony & Maisie