Rambles & More News!

Ramble IMG_3540.JPG

A great ramble on Sunday! Lots of fun, with very well behaved dogs....the humans were not bad too!

The lavender fields at Lullingstone were absolutely stunning. Look forward to another sighting next Sunday, before they vanish. We were a bit worried about Robert as there was no sign of him and it was time to leave. He managed to get hold of us in the end to say he unfortunately couldn't make it! The signal in the car park is dire! Not to worry Robert...enjoy Bette Midler next week!


The dogs were able to relax at the pub, in Shoreham, whilst we ate our delicious Sunday Roasts. Lola had relaxing off to a perfect art form. See above.

Over lunch Sue told me that it is now against the law to let a dog travel unrestrained. So be warned if you do not have a crate or a harness, you could be in trouble with the law!

Kim Brophy brought up another important item. When travelling without your pets, you should always leave your key with a neighbour or friend and let them know your whereabouts. You should also carry contact numbers on your person with a message that you have dogs or any other animal that is reliant on you. If you, God forbid, were involved in an accident your pets could be locked in the house for hours alone.

I received some e-mails after the ramble:

Morning Pat,

It was another lovely walk yesterday,as usual the lunch was good. Same again next week.We were so lucky with the weather,shame it was too drizzly to sit outside,maybe next Sunday.It was nice to see Kim and Elizabeth as we haven't seen them in a while.

The dogs slept well last night,especially old Meg snoring away all night.Bless her big cotton socks.


Pat, I thought the ramble went well, we were lucky with the weather. How many have we got for next Sunday? Sue

Just wanted to drop you both a line to say how much we enjoyed today, especially Maisie, who needless to say slept the whole way home & is still curled up sleeping,! Thank you for arranging a super day, very much appreciated.

Also I don't know if you need any bodies with the W.T.'s but we would be happy to spend half a day on the stand at the dog event in August ( with Maisie & the pup, which is why we thought half a day so it's not too much for the pup) . Let me know if you would like us to help out, if you need us. Many thanks Kaye Tony & Maisie