Sunny Monday

Biscuit ,meets Jack & Daisy!

I was rudely awoken by David at 5am this morning as the Captain (I'm assuming) had had an accident on the kitchen floor. David's liquorice sweet wrappers were found at the scene of the crime! The Piracy continues!!!!! Not a good start to the day.

But then we went walkies and things began to look up. We met our new neighbour whose dog is called Biscuit. He is the most gorgeous natured dog and for a Hound is amazing as he is always off the lead. He is a Basset Fauve de Bretagne. See above, Captain always tries to be the first on anyone's lap!!!

Had lots of people commenting on the dogs on our way around the park but Daisy insisted on putting on the brakes every now and then to do a spot of Squirrel watching!


Guess it's time to get the paddling pool filled! Don't forget NOT to leave your dogs in the car in this weather.