Captain Jack, his piracy and more members news!

Jack Duster.jpg

Phew it's been a really busy week for me. whilst trying to get some housework done, guess who decided he'd try and help with the dusting?????

This weekend my Rock Choir has gigs on both days. Saturday, I went back to my friend's house in Petts Wood, after a gig at Woolwich Barracks, for some refreshments and as I was leaving I spotted a Welsh Terrier jogging by. Naturally I called out to the owner and his little boy. Apparently my friend has told him all about Weltos and he regularly calls up our website to read the blogs. So here is a shout out to Kiffin and his lovely family! Come and join us!

Oh and here's one for Phil Kingsbury....... rocking out on a Harley! My friend's husband allowed us to sit on this wonderful machine.


Just a reminder about The London & Home Counties Show on Sunday 13th September.

Alex Witmond writes:

The Kingston Canine Society have their show on the 19th July at Ardingly , they have Welsh Terrier classes. Entries on line at fossedata .

The Trimming Day is on Sunday 26th July, costs £25. All details on the EVENTS PAGE.