Todays topic is Welsh Terriers and Bees. I'm sure you all have come across this one at some time or another.

Hi Pat,

One for our members out there. Tallie is naughty.....she kills the bees. Literally bites them in half. She's been stung a couple of times...(piriton on vets instruction). I can stop her if I see her by yelling " leave it" but any ideas how to stop her completely? Anyone else's Welsh a bee eater?

Chris Amos

Well this has happened to me and all of my Welsh Terriers. I wouldn't call them naughty, but spirited, dogged and determined. What WT can resist a buzzy thing flying around the atmosphere? One thing I have trained all my dogs to do, is crunch on ice cubes, just incase they get stung, I also have piriton and rescue remedy handy. My previous Welsh Terrier, Jack found a wasps nest in the ivy,which was crawling up my side fence and would actually beep the foliage so that they would fly out and then he would try to catch them. He only got stung once in all of his 14 years! If I see my current WT's going for a Bee I reach for the water pistol and then divert by throwing a tibit in the opposite direction. However this doesn't answer Chris's question. Has anyone been able to stop their dog completely and what are your stories?

Bee Etching IMG_3304_edited.JPG

Chris Cherry Writes;

Ruby caught a bee the Friday before last and within 15 mins went into shock. It was lucky I saw her do it otherwise I would just have thought she was sleeping in the garden. A very quick trip to the vets and an over night stay and she was OK. The vet said that it was good that I got her there quickly, as the longer they are left the less chance of them surviving. Very frightening!

A week on and she's OK but not quite herself. Again, I wish I could stop her from chasing them but she has not learnt her lesson. It's in their nature I guess!