Sunday at the studios

Dean St Studios IMG_3229.JPG

What a grey miserable day! Just when I thought I was coming back down to earth, I had an invitiation to do a recording at Dean Street Studios!

Wow, it was amazing. I played a piano that George Harrison had played and sat on a settee that David Bowie had sat on. Then got to sing with my friends. Toni, in the middle of the photo is the one who has helped me set up this website.....and is on call whenever I get stuck. Chrissy on the other side is my fellow Lower Alto companion in our choir.

Captain Jack and Daisy gave me a right royal welcome when I got back in. I was thoroughly exhausted. I hadn't realised how tiring recording can be.

Now I have to get my Weltos hat back on. Really looking forward to our Summer Picnic and meeting up with you all. There will be all sorts of surprises and fun going on and we hope the weather holds.