An Interesting Story

Steve Warne writes:

An interesting story..A few weeks back out of the blue Woody developed a cyst in his ear almost the size of a marble. A couple of days earlier I had groomed him and saw no sign of it whatsoever. But now here it was really nasty, split and bleeding. We took him to the vet who said he would need an operation to remove it, at a cool £420!! We don't have insurance as Woody is a rescue and was 7.5 years when we got him and the premiums were silly. We went home armed with antibiotics and cleaner and wondering where we would find the money without robbing a bank and the intention of getting him booked in for the op in the next couple of weeks, after pay day. A couple of mornings later Karen came down stairs and found blood smeared on the wall, cleaned it up and thought we should get him booked in asap but thought nothing more of it. The next day looking at Woody again we found the cyst had gone, yes completely gone. No wound, no scab, nothing. It was if it had never been there! We can only assume he scratched it off and ate it (aren't dogs disgusting?). It was on a 'stalk' but we can't work out how it completely healed in a day. Totally weird but thank you Woody for saving us £420 with your self help treatment. It's now about a month since this happened and there is no sign of it growing back. Our biggest concern was the need for him to have a general anaesthetic as he is getting on a bit and we had seen how Archie (Editors note: Archie was Steve & Karen's previous WT) at 12 years of age went down hill very quickly, developing dementia, after having a general to remove a lump on his head and heavy sedation for the removal of a grass seed. Anyway here's hoping the problem doesn't return.

Well done Woody!!!!

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