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April 30, 2015


On a serious note this morning, Elizabeth Jenyon has been researching the need for annual vaccinations.  Here's what she has to say:

I  wanted to update a thread you listed before about Vaccination.   As I have read that there is a connection with itchy skin and vaccination I am reluctant to vaccinate my dogs when they don't need to be, because Lola was terribly itchy after her first year boosters.   I had a reminder from the Vet that Boo needed his first year booster so I made an appointment.  The vet would have given him all the vaccinations but I said to him "I only want the one he really needs, I know Distemper vaccination lasts for 3 years and I think Parvo doesn't need doing yearly"  He told me he had never had a case of distemper ever and that the only Vaccination he really needed was the new Lepto 4, which would need to be done in two parts, one now and one a month later.  I asked him if Leptospirosis was documented in the area and he said no but because Boo eats anything and drinks foul water from ponds I had him vaccinated for the Lepto.  He said Pi (Parainfluenza) had been a yearly vaccination but as there had not been a case for many years this had been removed from the multi vaccination shot.  I asked about Titer testing which is a blood test which checks for antibodies to see if dogs need revaccinating (and is pretty standard in the US with many vets having in house tests costing between $40-60) he said the Titer test for Distemper and Parvo would cost £171.00.   I will research Titer testing more as I know The University of Glasgow does Titer testing and they charge the Vets only £40.00 so the £171.00 seems extortionate.  If I were to test my dogs and their immunity was high I would not test them again for it for a few years.

That thread was something I sent round via e-mail, having collected all your suggestions and then sending out all the replies.  A lot messing about, but now we have a blog, it can stay on here for referral at all times.

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