Rubbing the muzzle!

Daisy & Neile Selfie IMG_2931.JPG

Morning! Let's have some selfie photos! Send them to me and I could create a page on the website. Come on guys, get clicking!

Nice selfie of Neile and Daisy!

Going to kick off with a question from Kaye Attoe:

Dear Sue & Pat

Can I ask you both for some advice, Maisie is going nuts rubbing her muzzle on the carpet, side of the settee & on the grass, in fact everywhere. Do you have any suggestions to what may be causing her to do this ? Could you let me have any ideas you may have?

Jane Price writes:

Roared with laughter when I saw the picture of Daisy on the lawn next to your shoe...absolutely sweet the way she is pretending to be innocent !!! There is never a dull moment with a Welsh Terrier which is why we love them so much!! Keep those pictures coming , they cheer me up, particularly as I don't have a WT at present!

Regards the issue Kaye has with Maisie wiping her muzzle on the sofa etc. As all WT owners are probably aware and have experienced, Welshies always like to wipe their muzzle after they have eaten!! If I wasn't looking, Dilys used to like going into the living room and wiping her face on both sofas and the arm chair which once resulted in a grubby brown stripe on my Multiyork cream sofa!! Thank goodness the covers were removable and washable (well they did say dry clean but I took the risk!!). Obviously, short of putting on a bib, after her meal I used to wipe her face with some kitchen roll dampened with warm water and of course, prevented her from going into the living room!! However, as we all know, WT's are very crafty and when I restricted her from the living room, she then secretly went upstairs and I caught her wiping her face on the valance at the side of a bed in the guest room!!! Dilys also used to try and wipe her face on the carpet in a manic fit of peak sometimes that was totally unrelated to having just eaten so assumed it just to be a bit itchy?

No doubt Kaye will have checked her for skin irritation although it is difficult with all that dense fur. I wonder if the increase in pollen and grass seeds may be a factor? We are coming into the hay fever season?!

Sue Webster Writes:


Margaret often does this, especially after she has had something to eat. If Maisie is doing it all the time have a look in her mouth to see if their is anything lodged there or irritating her, If you can't see anything, and she still continues to do it all the time, I would pop her to the vet to get her teeth checked. Let me know how it goes. Poor Maisie no sooner does she get one thing cleared up, then she gets something else. Sue

Elizabeth Jenyon writes:

I have a couple of things to say about Maisy's muzzle rubbing. Lola has also been doing this since Jan, and broke off a lot of her beard. Although she has always been itchy the muzzle rubbing was something new this year. I think it is pollen/dust itch related. I recently bought a steam cleaner that I have been doing all my hard floors with (Wood/Lino) without any detergent in it and bought a new Dyson vacuum for the carpeted areas (removes pollen and dust mites). I researched the models carefully (the Dyson is not a pet model but got better ratings for dust mite and pollen removal and as our dogs don't shed it was the better choice). Since using these, it seems to have reduced her scratching problems considerably. But I need to vacuum carpets at least every two days as with two dogs the dust and fluff produced builds up very quickly.