Nothing Changes!

So today I found my shoe in the garden. I wonder how it got there? I decided to retrieve the shoe and lay in wait with my camera....

Daisy shoe IMG_2926_edited.JPG

This is what I found!!!! Daisy was the culprit ofcourse!!!

Daisy shoe.jpg
Daisy Shoe 2.jpg

Member Mandy Simioni contacted me last week:

Hi Patsy I know it was a long while ago but i wanted to thank you for the trimming day! Kobi and I really enjoyed it and i have been continuing to keep him tidy. I also wanted to thank you and the members for their suggestions on helping with itchy skin. I have been giving Kobi Yumega oil and lots of sardines in his diet which he loves and it seems to have eliminated the itching.

Kobi has passed his assessment and has been accepted as a Pets as Therapy dog. We are off for our first visit next week to a local nursery school which I think he is going to love. I will let you know how we get on As I am a Library Manager I am specificaly interested in being involved with their Reading to dogs scheme which helps develop childrens reading skills, I am just waiting for more information.

I have attached some photos of Kobi which you may like.

Thank you for the time and effort you put into Weltos and the Blog, I really enjoy reading it!

See you at the summer picnic.

Mandy, Richard and Kobi

kobi skiing.png