Russell Watson!

April 27, 2015

Wowzer! What a weekend!  Walking with all those dogs and then singing with Russell Watson Sunday evening at The Churchill Theatre in Bromley.  It was an amazing experience.  Kaye sent me this e-mail which made me laugh:


Mega Opera star Patsy Meecham left the stage after several standing ovations, and  was
accused of being a "Diva" after ordering backing singer, Russell Watson, to fetch water
for the  super star's dogs Captain Jack & Daisy,  who opera diva  Patsy uses daily  to sing with for training purposes. The backing singer Watson was unavailable for coment. !!!!  
Hope the evening was everything you hoped it would be,  I'm sure you were all fantastic! 

 We hope you didn't mind the joke. 
All our love & best regards
Kaye Tony & Maisie


My Rock Choir on stage with Russell Watson.  I was lucky to be in the front row!


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