More about Ticks

Hi Patsy I wanted to ask you about your Seresto collars, there has been quite a bit on the news about there being a major tick infestation this year and about Lyme disease. Last year Boo got two ticks (at different times on his face)one on his eyelid right next to his eyeball even though he had been Advocated. I never ever had a tick problem with my Airedale and find them disgusting so am hoping not to have to deal with them again this year. Do your two still pick up the odd tick or have the collars made them totally clear of ticks? Thanks Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth,

I hate ticks with vengeance! Because we have loads of foxes running through our gardens and live very near to herds of deer and sheep, all my dogs have had ticks in the past. I’m a dab hand at removing them! However since they have been wearing the collars, Jack & Daisy have not had any ticks on them whatsoever.

Advocate does not prevent them from getting ticks. For me these collars are worth every penny! If you are thinking of getting them for your two, make sure you get the collar for SMALL dogs and not medium. The smaller collars are not so intrusive and work just as well.

Great Patsy I will be getting them this year then, Boo weighs 9kg and the smaller one says dogs up to 8kg so I thought the amount of product in them might not be enough for him to keep the pests away are both of yours under 8kgs or do you think the small on will be ok for him?



My vet advised us on this and she said it would be fine....and it was. My two have beeen tick free ever since they have worn the collars. I should do it soon as my vet has already had dogs in with ticks having to be removed!


Jack & Daisy having just had their collars fitted:

Seresto Collars IMG_2889.JPG