Adder Alert!

Morning All! After several weeks of being absolutely squeeky clean, Captain Jack left a couple of surprises in the kitchen! I don't know if something worried him during the night. I know I heard some foxes screaming their heads off, at some point. But he has been so good in every other way, I can forgive him.

I've had some more correspondence about Welsh Terriers on Pets4homes. Elizabeth Jenyon, Jane Price and Kaye Attoe, all asking the same questions. What is wrong with people and why, why why? I can't bring myself to go on the site as it makes me so angry! I just hope the poor little guys find a forever home. Give all your lovely dogs an extra special hug today, they are the lucky ones.

I received an e-mail from Kim Brophy:

Ruby hissing Sid .jpg

Hi Pat, Hope you and all the gang are well. Just wanted to inform you that my vet has said there is an adder alert in the Kent area. Suggest members check that their nearest vet has current within date stock of antidote, just in case. Kim

Looking forward to the Fox Terrier walk in Brighton tomorrow. There's still time if you want to come. 11am in front of Macdonalds at Brighton Marina. Let me know if you don't know Jackie so I can pass your name on to her.

I'll be very busy rehearsing for the Russell Watson show on Sunday. Trying to get my tongue round a few of the tricky Italian words as well as memorising them!!! So if you don't hear from me for a bit, please bear with me! xx