Memory Lane

Hurrah! Another satisfied customer. Between us we have managed to find a puppy for a lovely couple, who I hope will join Weltos. Just thinking of the joys to come......

I have tried to capture some of those moments here, from top to bottom: Halloween Daisy the clown, pulling shoe laces, cuddle time for Neile (now everymorning), Ragger! Attacking the toilet roll!! Choosing the chair for a bed, Daisy in her first home then working her magic on her forever Daddy!

Halloween Daisy

Daisy pulling lace 1photo_edited.JPG

 Daisy after DD  photo_edited.JPG

Daisy toilet roll photo.JPG

Daisy ragger photo.JPG

Daisy Me and my Teddy.JPG

Daisy chew 1 photo.JPG

Daisy & Neile photo_edited.JPG