A letter!!!!

I received a good old fashioned letter through the post this morning. It was from Enid Southgate, giving me the update on Smudge:

Dear Patsy,

I don't take many photos of Smudge these days (we have hundreds). However after his awful year in 2014, when twice he was so ill that we thought we would lose him, I saw him sitting on the table, in our apartment balcony in France, keeping an eye on Norman, who is unwrapping an Easter Egg. I couldn't resist.

He doesn't look bad for 12 years old. His colours are still really strong and well defined. (Must be the cod liver oil!)

I enjoy the info and chats that you send in the e-mails. You work very hard for the club.

I can't make the Summer Picnic but will try for the Christmas Party.

Your Jack and Daisy lool like a very special pair of WT's. They were lucky to end up in such a good home. (Editor's note: We were lucky to have them!)

I do hope the little lady casualty has gone to a good home. It does seem sad that people can be so stupid.

Hope you are well and enjoying life.

Kind Regards


PS I miss the trimming days when we had tea and cake in Sue's garden.

Enid sent me a scan of Smudge and I've done my best to produce it here.

SMUDGE IMG_edited.jpg