New Additions

Jack & Daisy in sun IMG_2887_edited.JPG

Hope you all had a great weekend! It certainly makes a difference when the sun is shining. I have two very different dogs. You can see from the photo that one is contented to laze and bask in the warmth of the sun, whilst the other (namely Daisy) doesn't know the meaning of keeping still!!!!!! She thinks she is here to entertain us and she certainly does that.

I heard from Lynn French. Peter and Lynn have taken on a Welsh Terrier from Sally Poole (with a lot of nudging from Sue) and life is back in the fast lane I think! Lynn writes:

Well, we certainly know we’ve got a Welsh Terrier in the house! She is into everything but we are slowly getting there. She is a bit of a thief – likes stealing my washing off the line – any ideas? She also has a shoe fettish and likes to hide her toys under the sofa and then retrieve them!

She is sitting at my feet asleep at the moment enjoying the sunshine.

She is nearly house trained now although she likes company when going into the garden. When I think of how she was when we got her 7 weeks ago, she has come a long way! She is getting used to other dogs now although we saw Florence the Welsh Terrier in town this morning and they snapped at each other – what’s new with a WT?!!

She is lovely though and we are so pleased we got her. She walks beautifully on lead and is a dream on the table. I had her hand stripped a few weeks ago but would like to learn how to do it myself – do you have any trimming days in the pipeline?

Am enjoying reading the blog (when I get a moment!) It’s so nice to read about other people’s experiences and exploits – your two sound great fun and keep you on your toes no doubt!


Eileen Pearce just had to share her shot of Millie and Rosie getting ready to go off for a drive:

Dogs in car 001.JPG

Kaye Attoe and Jane Price spotted a four year old WT for sale on Pet4homes.

Sue hopes she finds a home soon!

Kay also writes:

When we were at the last trimming session Sue suggested putting Maisie onto Natures Menu instead of dry food. To be honest, Maisie is a complete foodaholic, in fact just like my naughty chocolate lab Basil who passed away. She has always been extremely itchy , and whatever you guys suggest we try! We bought the cooked food pouches. She loved them but they didn't make any difference and in fact she was very very windy, and it was not pleasant, she could empty a room!!!!! ( Editor's note: this did make me laugh!) However we have been trying Natures Menu raw food and of course she loves it ( not unusual for her) but less scratching and no wind at all. We were thinking that we may get Maisie skin tested when our insurance has replenished itself as we had used every penny of our allotted amount. To be honest with the Aloe Vera and the raw food she is not scratching all the time like she used to. She is just how our previous dogs used to be. If anyone hasn't tried the raw food, please give it a try as I never thought we would be able to get a hold of the itchy skin problem. Hope this helps, Kaye.