My Choir & The Summer Picnic


Imagine my horror when chatting with my fellow chorister about our Summer Big Sing at the Birmingham NEC, when I suddenly realised that it was the same weekend as the Weltos Summer Picnic. I rang Sue (Webster) in a blind panic and got myself in a right old state.

As luck would have it, my choir is singing on the Saturday, so my friend got straight on her lap top and booked me a train home on Saturday evening. Not bad for £7.50!!! So I will be there on the 7th for sure!

I've had a few replies already and it's great to hear from people even if they can't make it. It's appreciated that members take the time to get in touch.

Sandra Kisby responding to the Summer Picnic invite says:

That is the ONE week we are in Norfolk so I am disappointed that I can't make it this year.

I have just read a wonderful book called 'Sleeping with Dogs' by Brian Sewell and recommend it highly, beautifully written, funny and so helpful (to me at least) in training Welsh Terrier Bertie Bonzo. I have to say I thought Malcolm was the love of my life until I got my Bertie!! Some more good news we have just had another grandchild Nina Clementine No. 5 grandaughter and 1 grandson SO FAR. Yesterday, I found I couldn't get into my summer trousers from last year, and was a bit panicked but then remembered I had just had another grandchild so only to be expected. (Editor's note: made me laugh!) Malcolm is going into hospital on the 29th to put things back to normal in the colon department and we have fingers crossed for a positive outcome. A bit hairy as another General Anaes. and he is at risk of strokes. However, once completed and all well we will be off to our beloved Cape Cod for the month of September. Hope all well with you Much love as always Sandraxx

We all wish Malcolm a speedy recovery. We know he is in good hands!

Other members wrote to tell me that they can't make the Summer Picnic because they are on holiday, have children playing cricket, organising their mum's 90th birthday party or as in one case, just like me, forgot and double booked! It happens, that's life, but looking forward to seeing all those who can make it! The forms will be sent out in a few weeks time.

Make the most of the sun everyone! Daisy and Jack lay either side of David when he's lying in the sun. Well, it's alright for some as I have to do the ironing!!!!