Blooming Foxes!!!

So you do your best to keep the garden nice, but those pesky foxes just barge their way in anyway they can without any care to your fences.

I got up early this morning and got a lot of jobs done. I called the dogs for their breakfast but only Jack turned up! Daisy was nowhere to be seen. I fought my way past the Rhododendrons and there was Daisy, cavorting around next door's garden, I called her and she came to the fence but wouldn't show me where she got through.

I went to retrieve her, by this time she was in my neighbour's kitchen being made a fuss of. It was easier to see where the escape route was on this side of the fence. A fox had dug a channel underneath the fence and had also bashed down some trellis work at the end of the garden. I know some of you may think they are magnificent animals but I'm not happy with them at all...especially as recently, one ripped off the heads of my friends prize winning chickens!!!!

garden IMG_2872_edited.JPG

Kay Attoe comments:

Just thought I would put the cat amongst the pigeons! Unfortunately most town people

seem to think that foxes are misunderstood and given a hard time. However we live In the country and there are lots of farmers near us. Unfortunately, as horrible as it is, these animals are just born killers; they will kill 20-30 chickens and leave them. They do not just hunt to feed their young, but kill for the sake of it. Our friends run a free range chicken farm and own cattle, goats etc., and these foxes just kill and leave.

Unfortunately living in the country is not always as lovely as people think and culling foxes is part of farming!!!

They are beautiful creatures, but are also killing machines.