Seriously though....

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Poor Maisie is really going through the mill read below what's happened now:

I thought I would give you the up to date info on Maisie; Our vet gave her some tablets to stop her being sick as she has been sick since Saturday, which would have been fine, if she hadn't climbed onto the table and helped herself to the last of the christmas cake. Needless to say she is now back In our Vets for 2/3 days on a drip to support her kidneys! I can't believe what else she can get up too!!!!!! At least your two choose the healthy option when they help themselves!!!! ( Referring to Jack & Daisy) Bfn Kaye

And if that wasn't bad enough read on:

You know it's almost like a comedy sketch, but it's not funny!!!!!! If she hadn't had the medication to stop her being sick, it wouldn't have been such

a problem ! My vet said he could retire earlier thanks to Maisie! Needless to say we now have another £400 plus bill to pay on Saturday when we pick her up. I really Can't believe this, she spends more time in the vets than anywhere. Fingers crossed she's home saturday, it's really quiete without her. X

Well I really can't believe this, you couldn't make it up!!! However, Elizabeth Jenyon would like to tell you about Lola, who also has problems when it comes to bringing up food, read on:

Hi Patsy,

Sounds like Maisie and Lola have some similar problems, what with the itches and Lola, ever since she was little, has had problems with regurgitation, not heaving but just bringing stuff back up very soon and sometimes a few hours after she has eaten. I was very worried when she was little and researched it. I found that her stomach is very sensitive to anything cold and so I microwave her food just for 20 seconds to bring it to room temperature and that has usually stopped it. If she drinks cold water from rivers or puddles she brings up the water and any treats that are in her tummy. She can eat a frozen ducks neck and not vomit that up though so it can be quite confusing as to why she does it. I don't know if Maisie is being sick or regurgitating but hope this might help.

Elizabeth xx

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