Poison Sausages!!


Jane Price sent me the following e-mail:

Hi Pat,

On my local radio channel yesterday, they were reporting that sausages laced with slug pellets were found in dog walking areas in the East Sussex area!! Unbelievable that there are people out there who will go to such lengths to poison and cause such untold suffering?!

Just to let our members know to be warned. As we all know, most Welsh Terriers are walked on a lead as they cannot be trusted off the lead so hopefully, this won't be such an issue ? For owners who are able to let their dog off the lead where it is difficult sometimes to see what they are up to, they need to be vigilant. So please let all your friends with dogs, whatever the breed, to keep an eye out and be aware when walking them?! We all know how partial a dog is to a sausage, particularly a Welsh Terrier!!!


I also saw this on the TV News. What an absolutely shocking thing to do!