Sunny Thursday

Another lovely day so we took The Captain and Daisy to the pub for lunch. The lady who owns the Bo Peep, has an English Bull Terrier and she is at her wits end as he swallowed a cork and it has become lodged. She is awaiting the results of the emergency operation.Terriers! Who'd have them?

Kaye Attoe has kept us up to date about Maisie's operation and after effects, she writes:

You will be pleased to hear she is not leaking at all since the surgery. However we have been to the vets twice, because since she has been home she has been being sick every night. Any idea's from Weltos members? The vet has now put her on a medication, which stops her being able to be sick, so fingers crossed, that when we have finished the tablets it will have the desired effect. Has anyone else had a problem similar to this, or is Maisie just the most extraordinary Welsh terrier?!!!!

Please send any advice to me (Patsy) and I will print out your e-mails. Jane Price has contacted me:

Loving the Blog! What adorable pictures of the the two Bertie's (Bertie Foreman and Bertie Kisby)!

Really enjoyed the video on the history of the Welsh terrier!

Hope Daisy and Jack are behaving themselves...Love to hear of their mischief and antics!

Thank you so much for the Blog. Keep up the good work!


Just had to post this photo of Daisy waiting for lunch!

Pub Lunch IMG_2849_edited.JPG