Poison Plants

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Sandra Kisby, young Bertie's owner sent me an e-mail this morning warning about the dangers of having a plant called Heliotrope. It comes in purple or white and is capable of completely destroying your dogs liver resulting in a fatalitiy.

Thanks for the warning Sandra and good to hear from you. We hope Bertie is behaving unlike my Jack who has just managed to get the lid off the fish food tub and was about to tuck in to a feast! It's a wonder I get anything written.

I found this link on Face Book. Thought a few of you may not have seen it before.


It's a bit slow so give it a chance to start!

Message from Elizabeth Jenyon:

Thanks Patsy, Lola is very pleased she was included in the Welsh Terrier year book and is lording it over her brother lol. Hope you had a Happy Easter. I have enjoyed your recent posts on Daisy and Jack, hopefully their sweet theiving has not carried on to Easter chocolate? We are all enjoying the Easter Hols and Lola and Boo have enjoyed sunbathing on the decking the last two days. Can you thank Kaye for the advice on Aloe Vera, Lola has been really scratching her muzzle madly for a couple of months now and has broken all her beard hair, I have been trying Collostrum which seems to have worked a little but will try the aloe and hope it makes more of difference. Elizabeth, Lola and Boo xx

I spotted some Aloe Vera juice in Waitrose this morning!!!!

I would like to say a big thank you to Sue Webster, who noticed our advert for Weltos was not printed in the Welsh Terrier Club Yearbook. It's a shame as it was a particularly nice photo. Never mind there's always next year.