Happy Easter

I received this e-mail from Tony & Kaye Attoe:

Hi Patsy Just to say thank you for the info on the trimming of ears.

I thought I would let you all know that Maisie had her bladder operation yesterday & came home today. She is feeling very sore, and I don't think I'm her favourite person at present, especially as she had a trip in the car for 2.5 hours there and back, ( She still absolutely hates going in the car) , but they are very pleased how the surgery went & said it certainly needed to be done. There is nothing else that can be done apart from keeping her on medication, but as that had stopped working, we have everything crossed that this is now sorted, especially as it's cost over £5,000, to get to this point. We're hoping that this is the beginning of her being on the road to being a healthy happy welshie, with attitude. Many thanks Kaye Tony & Maisie Attoe

Elizabeth Jenyon wanted to know more about the Aloe Vera juice so here is Kaye's reply:

Hi Elizabeth,

I got the Aloe Vera juice from the health food shop, £8 for 50 ml bottle. Although Forever living products is a super brand if you can get hold of it. I give Maize 2.5 ml to start with for 10 days then 2 mls twice a day. She still has a little nibble every now & then, but she has stopped going crazy as though she has an itch she cannot get to. It is certainly worth a try.

As any type of steroid makes her really poorly, I would much prefer to use something natural that really does work. The aloe Vera gel is fantastic for burns & any skin problems. For dogs & owners alike!

Happy Easter everyone and remember not to share the chocolate with your dogs!!!

Easter Bunny IMG_2835_edited.JPG