Tuesday's Chat

Jan Chamberlain writes:


Morning Pat,

Just logged on to the blog page, easy peasy. Great to hear young Eddie is doing well.

We did the Lullingstone to Shoreham walk last Wednesday as it was such a lovely day.We extended the walk and went up to the white cross on the hill. Sat to catch a few sun rays, before going back to Lullingstone for lunch.

Jan Chamberlain

Pat: Yes this is a lovely walk and we all must do it again soon.

Received this e-mail today:

Dear Dog Lovers at The Welsh Terriers Owners Society.

We are proud to announce and invite you to our 4th Paws In The Park which will be held in the beautiful grounds of St. Giles Park at Wimborne St Giles, Dorset on the 18th of July. If anyone is interested, please ask me for all the details and I will send them on.

Last word from Sue Webster's opinion on the loss of Jambo's undercoat:

I don't know if it could be old age, I wouldn't have thought so, as all my dogs have still had thick coats even at the age of 14 years old, I have never heard of dogs losing their undercoats through old age.