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Jenny Carr writes:

Eddie is doing well and has just had his fifth chemo with no reactions.

He is now on half the steroids he was on previously, which are now 2 a day. The vets are going to extend the time between sessions.

The only problem we have now is loss of undercoat.

This made me think that Jambo my have a compromised imune system.

Just a thought.

Well done Eddie! Hope, with each passing day you grow stronger!

Great to hear from all members who have given advice about Jambo's loss of undercoat. All of which has been passed on. However from now on all your posts will go on here, for all to read!

Captain Jack and Daisy are off to the Vet this afternoon to be fitted for their Tick collars, which will then last throughout the Spring and Summer seasons. We have a herd of Deer roaming right next to where we live and are inundated with foxes, which regularly trot through our gardens, so for us, these collars are a Godsend as they keep your dog completely Tick free. I hate Ticks with a vengeance!