The Welsh Terrier Blog Starts Here!

Welcome to my first ever blog!

Yesterday I heard from Frank Rogers that his 12 year old bitch, Jambo, had come back from the groomers with no undercoat and it doesn't seem to have grown back since. Other than that she seems to be in perfect health, having been checked for Cushings and Thyroid problems by the vet.

According to Rachel Pearce, Alex Witmond and Chris Amos, this is probably old age kicking in so no need to worry Frank.

Kaye & Tony Attoe asked me to pass on that Maisie had a skin problem after a bad reaction to steroids. They have been treating her with Aloe Vera Gel and she is now also on Aloe Vera juice, which seems to have done the trick!

We have three new members joining us! Thanks go to Wendy Gatto-Ronchieri, from the Isle of Wight who automatically joins her new puppy/dog owners to Weltos.

Good luck goes to Weltos members Norma & Alistaire Pirrie and ofcourse WT Tillie who have moved to a New Home on the Isle of Wight. We all wish them the very best of luck and who knows, we may even get to meet up on the Island!

Chris Amos sent me a message to say she is continuing to progress after her operation. We all wish her a speedy recovery. Thank goodness for all the training that she has done with Tallie! You can read about that in the Winter Newsletter.

Captain Jack and Daisy Duke seem to be perfectly OK after stealing a half pack of dates, some cashew nuts and almost a packet of starburst sweeties last Thursday!