How To Join Weltos:

Step one:

Down load our membership form and fill in required details.

Step Two:

How to make a payment. Cost £10 per household

Either by Cheque, please make payable to WELTOS

Signed and dated and send by post, along with your application form to the Treasurer. Treasurer's address can be found on form and on Contact Page   Please let the  Secretary know also.


Pay Online, Standing Order, Direct Debit.         

Don't forget to put your name as a reference on the transfer and if joining for the first time, email your membership form to the Treasurer  and  Secretary


Bank Details will be available by contacting the Treasurer  or  Secretary 

*Membership renewal is due every year on1st January. You can find bank details on the password protected Newsletter Page.

If members do not renew by 31st January, all details will be removed from the Weltos database.

*By joining Weltos you have a given your permission to be contacted by the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer with all things pertaining to Weltos.