Where does the Welsh terrier come from?


The Welsh terrier may be one of the oldest breeds to inhabit the British Isles.  When the Romans invaded Britain, the black and tan terriers and their Celtic owners retreated to the Welsh mountains.  Then in 1884, in Pwllheli, a dog show took place, with separate classes for the black and tan terrier, which then became known as the Welsh terrier.


What were they originally bred for?

The Welsh terrier was originally used for hunting the fox, badger and even the otter.  


What are their temperaments like?

They are happy, affectionate dogs, very inquisitive and so all visitors' bags should remain out of reach.  They love to play so make ideal family pets.  Welsh terriers can be stubborn so need a firm hand when they are puppies.  They should not be left alone for hours as this can result in the dog becoming bored and destructive.  They are hunters and so will chase everything that moves! 


Do they get on with cats and other pets?

As a rule, Welsh terriers will chase cats.  However, if the cat is already there, it is possible for them to live together. As for smaller pets like mice, that could be tricky, as their hunter instinct would come into play.

Are they healthy dogs?

In a nutshell yes! They are hardy, robust little dogs.  The Welsh Terrier Club of Great Britain has appointed a health advisor so if any problems occur in a litter, it is dealt with swiftly.




Do they need much excercise?

The Welsh terrier will adapt very well to your lifestyle, they will keep going as long as you want to. This makes them an ideal companion, who can live equally as well in town or in the country.


Do they need grooming?

They need regular brushing and combing and to maintain their wiry coat, it is better to handstrip. However you can also scissor or use electric clippers.  All grooming should be carried out on a grooming table.  Any other information can be gained by contacting Patsy Meecham

Can they be let off the lead?

The Welsh terrier responds well to training, so if you are prepared to put the work in, you should be able to let your dog off the lead. However some Welsh terrier's hunting instincts are so strong that if they pick up a scent, they will single mindedly pursue it.


Do they bark a lot?

Welsh terriers in general are not yappy dogs.  If they bark they are trying to get your attention.


Where can I buy a Welsh terrier?

The Welsh Terrier Club of Great Britain has a list of reputable breeders and sometimes the committee at Weltos will know of a litter.  Do not buy your puppy on line.  Always try to see the dam (mother) with her puppies and if possible find out who is the sire (father).


What is it about a Welsh terrier that makes them different to other breeds?

They are unique! Once you've trained and bonded with your Welsh terrier, you will find that above everything else, each and every day apart from keeping you on your toes, they make you smile!

Want to know more?

 Contact : Patsy Meecham, Secretary Weltos. Phone: 01689  851591 Mob: 07947 965472  E-mail: patsy.meecham@hotmail.co.uk