A bit about us:

Weltos was formed in 1987, starting as a breeders and owners society, but now mainly catering for owners.

 Our Members

Collectively, we have a wealth of knowledge. We have members who have qualified for Crufts Obedience Trials, others have done agility training and mastered the art of trimming and showing their dogs. Members who own dogs with health or training problems can phone or e-mail the secretary for help, then their problems will be posted to all members so they can send advice and help. You'll never be alone once you've joined Weltos!


Our Passion

Above all, the emphasis is on enjoyment. In between our events, we hold trimming sessions, to which people can bring their dogs, to learn how to keep them looking smart.

We can also be found at Discover Dogs at The Excel Centre , every year, where members of our club are on hand to tell you all about Welsh Terriers, warts and all.

This can also be found on the How to Join Page.

Our Activities

We have a regular Blog and all members can contribute to this.   Everyone loves to read about the antics of this loveable but very mischievous breed. These Blogs, enable us to stay in touch with one another, as some people cannot make our  events because they live too far away.

Each summer we used to meet for a picnic. During the afternoon, the dogs could win rosettes and prizes for various things e.g. ‘the dog with the waggiest tail’. Now we tend to have rambles.  We also have a Christmas party. The committee provides delicious homemade food, then afterwards we have games and competitions. Children and adults enjoy seeing the dogs in fancy dress, although we do stress that you should never force a dog to dress up. Musical chairs and pass the parcel with the dogs is also a firm favourite.

We organise rambles throughout the year not only in Kent, where we are based, but are prepared to travel to other members locations. Have a look at the events page to see when we are having the next one.